Creating a bespoke installation for the launch of a new community platform in Deptford and New Cross.

Lewisham Creative Enterprise Zone

Studio Raw


  • Joinery 
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Finishing & Graphics

What we did                                    

Deptford and New Cross has a wealth of diverse talent, and in 2018 the area was awarded the title of Creative Enterprise Zone by the Mayor of London. As part of the programme, SHAPESLewisham was initiated with the ambition to connect, support and celebrate the creative practitioners within the area. Aldworth James & Bond worked with SHAPESLewisham to fabricate an interactive installation for the launch of their new online platform.

SHAPESLewisham devised a visual language, designed by Studio Raw, to express the breadth of talent within the area. This resulted in a set of graphic icons that represent different characteristics and expertise. We worked with them to realise their concept by detailing the technical design and creating a three dimensional installation for the launch event.

Ajb Shapeslewisham Single07
  • Ajb Shapeslewisham Half11 01
  • Ajb Shapeslewisham Half36 02

Over eighty plywood icons were laminated, CNC fabricated and finished by hand in six colours at our Deptford workshop. The set of icons were housed in two panels and moved by visitors into a large magnetic hexagon to create a set of skills unique to each company.

  • Ajb Shapeslewisham Half62 03 Ajb Shapeslewisham Half240 04
  • Ajb Shapeslewisham Portrait154

The Creative Enterprise Zone officially launched at Second Floor Studios & Arts in May. Justine Simons, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries, opened the new studio space and designers, artists and musicians showcased their talent for the event. 

Photography by Liz Calvi.