Fabricating a beautiful sensory installation, Central Midkhan, for the entrance of the National Museum of Qatar.

Aisha Al Sowaidi

National Museum of Qatar


  • Fabrication

What we did                                    

Aldworth James & Bond was commissioned by Aisha Al Sowaidi, to fabricate the Central Midkhan for an exhibition at the National Museum of Qatar in Dohar. The installation was designed to distribute scent in more than one direction. Using industrial materials the work aimed to celebrate one of many industries and materials that provide systems for the home.

Ajb Aisha Al Sowaidi Full Width 1404X900
  • Ajb Aisha Al Sowaidi Half1 1404X900
  • Ajb Aisha Al Sowaidi Half2B 1404X900

We previously worked with Aisha on her installation at the London Design Biennale at Somerset House in 2018, and so we fully understood her design process and the importance of scent within her work. The copper piping was welded and polished by hand using traditional techniques in London. The work was then shipped to Qatar for the LEDS and scent diffusers to be installed by Aisha’s team. The Central Midkhan sits proudly in the entrance to the museum ready to greet visitors and bid them farewell.