The Phoenix Schools Playground Build with Matt+Fiona

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We are so pleased to share Matt + Fiona's recent project at the Phoenix Schools Playground Build in Bow, London which we were able to support. 

This playground recreation project came about to help facilitate the upper part of the schools move to a new location, providing a considered way to help the support the students - who all have autism - through the transition. 

With help from Matt+Fiona, every student at the school was able to be involved with the design and then the build of the new space, for recreation in the grounds. Having created small models, and then undertaken a half scale paper build in the summer, the students then built their new playground structure with Matt+Fiona and their team of volunteers, over a week this autumn.

We were able to assist this great project by donating our time to specially fabricate blue coated plywood triangles to support this fantastic cause. 

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