Design expertise with an applied understanding of making.

AJ&B Studio do

  • 3D Design
  • Project management
  • Contract & tender administration

AJ&B Studio is a team of designers, technicians and project managers. We work on contracts of all sizes and budgets, with maximum efficiency and creativity. The collaborative approach to the process between – the people who draw it and the people who make it – is absolutely central to our practice. We’d love to hear from you about your upcoming project.

  • Aldworth James & Bond | Discussions in the AJ&B Studio
  • Aldworth James & Bond | Studio design team
AJ&B are a class act. They always bring a huge amount to the table in terms of aesthetic and design skills, seamless project management and most importantly enthusiasm.

David Johnston, creative director
Accept & Proceed

It's a genuine pleasure to work with AJ&B, they have a fantastic creative approach. I would highly recommend them.

Dani Wedderburn, senior production manager

The attention to detail, faultless quality and motivation with great enthusiasm is what we enjoy the most about working with AJ&B.

Lee Penson, CEO

Aldworth James & Bond | The AJ&B Studio in Deptford